Quilting / Craft Retreat setup
The following instructions are for set up of a Quilting or Craft retreat. For set up of a wedding, function or conference, use the Function Setup instruction.
Function Items *
- 5 additional tea towels in kitchen - Additional 2 dish cloths; 2 additional pot scrubbers and under kitchen cupboard & check plenty of gumption - Power to Dining table (use extension cords and power boards in garage and laundry) - Daylight lamps on Dining Table - Daylight floor lamps next to green chairs in Conservatory
Quilting Retreat Specific Items
Quilting Only Items *
- Ironing board and iron placed in Dining Room - Display Board placed in Dining Room - Tracing lightbox placed on table (dining table or extra table) - Quilters tools placed in Dining Room (sissors, rotary cutter etc) - Discount cards for Lee's joint placed on Dining table
Optional Function Items
Optional Function Items *
- Erect additional tables in Dining Room - Bring in additional chairs from garage