Wedding / Function / Conference
The following instructions are for set up of a Wedding, Function or Conference. For set up of a Quilting/Craft retreat, use the Quilting Setup instruction.
Function Items *
- Urn placed between coffee machines on mats/coasters & plugged in - Unlock catering cupboards (keys in white bowl in linen store) - Unlock glass racks in Bar - 20 additional tea towels in kitchen - Additional 5 dish cloths; 5 additional pot scrubbers and under kitchen cupboard & check plenty of gumption - check / fill dishwasher powder - Portable speaker (stored in linen store) placed on HIFI table in Dining Room.
Function Setup *
- Check glasses in Bar glass racks are clean (wash or dust as required) - Check fountains are filled - Check BBQ gas tanks are full (or spare available) -
Optional Function Items *
- Erect additional tables - Bring in additional chairs from garage